Virtual reality rental

Our company is engaged in renting and lending virtual reality - we enable everyone who is interested in it to play great games and experience situations that they won't experience in routine life. The big advantage is our mobility and small space requirements - thanks to this, we can bring virtual reality almost anywhere - just a space of 3x3 metres and power connection is needed.

Low prices but high quality gaming experience

Virtual reality gambling houses are often very expensive, but thanks to us everyone can try it out. We offer virtual reality rental at very low prices, but we also have high quality and sophisticated games that will bring you a unique experience. Whether you have already tried VR, or you've never had an opportunity, you won't be disappointed.

Different game genres for children, teenagers and adults

Everyone is different, so our games offer is varied enough. If you order a virtual reality rental from us, you will have an opportunity to choose from up to 16 different games - action, sports, kids, but also cognitive or educational ones. With us, everyone has a field day. We've got positive references from our clients - from children to corporate clients.

Virtual reality at your soirée, birthday party or other events

You can order our virtual reality rental for almost any kind of events - most of them are parties, soirées, birthday parties, but also corporate teambuildings, sports events or public events. If you are interested in borrowing virtual reality or if you need to know more details (e.g. to specify the price or other information), do not hesitate to contact us at any time - by e-mail, phone, online form or through our Facebook page. We will be glad to answer all of your questions and we can arrange a date of the event right away.