The Lab

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Game description

The Lab is a Virtual Lab from Valve. It's one of the first ones and one of the best VR applications. In the Lab, you can try virtual space and island tourism, play various games or learn about human anatomy. Each app is very simple, intuitive and takes advantage of all the possibilities that VR offers. The Lab is undoubtedly the best application to become acquainted with the Virtual Reality. The following applications are included in the laboratory: Slingshot A game in which you shoot down containers in the warehouse of annoying projectiles that constantly want to talk to you. The game works perfectly with a depth of space. Archery A game in which you defend your castle from the invaders using a bow. You will see that hitting a bow on a running target is not easy. The game has simple but very pleasing graphics. It is an addictive game, you can stretch your bow for hours and hours and you can feel how the chord creaking is transmitted to the whole body Xortex A game in which you control a space fighter and destroy enemies. Postcard Visit distant places from your living room. Medical scan of human body It is a tutorial in which you can make cuts in the human body using high-resolution CT. Solar system An educational programme in which you visit the solar system and play handball with planets. Fix the robot A funny way to repair a robot. Secret shop It is a simple application where you visit a magic shop and you can even try to do magic tricks.